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Incontri verb "si incontri" English translation

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Incontri verb

Here is a conjugation table for the Italian verb incontrarsi. Incontrarsi: to meet up (with), run into each other; agree, think alike; play (sports). Italian verb incontrare conjugated in all tenses in table format. The verb incontrare means: to meet, to encounter, to play. Learn how to conjugate it. Nov 24,  · Italian: ·(transitive) to meet, come across, bump into, run into, find, encounter Synonyms: imbattersi, trovare· (transitive, sports) to play, fight. incontri m. plural of incontro; Verb. incontri. second-person singular present indicative of incontrare; first-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare; second-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare; third-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare;.

Incontri verb